A rose by any other name

Rose Names



Rose-The most obvious rose name. Rose has always been a popular choice. It remained in the top 100 from the 1880s to 1960. It is currently ranked at 291 in the popularity charts. Is a popular middle name option for many parents. 

Rosa- The Spanish-Italian version of Rose which has remained on the popularity charts for 133 years! 

Rosamund/Rosamond – Maybe German for Horse protection, pure rose, or Rose of the world (Rosa Mundi). Rosamund was the name of Henry II’s mistress, supposedly a legendary beauty. 

Rosalind- Shakespearean name. 

Rosalia- Italian/Spanish name. Dates back to Roman times, Rosalia was a festival held in the spring in honor of the Roman goddess Flora.

Rosalie- French variation of Rosalia. Rosalie is slowly regaining its popularity and is ranked #548 in the popularity charts. 



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